Tossing in between

Mountains are not trustworthy isn’t that so?! Letting the water to fell down rather than holding it… The same Egg shells too not trustworthy instead of protecting the yolk inside breaking itself and letting the chicken out… Oops sounds crazy right? Sometimes falling is beauty. Breaking will be majestic dear. Not every fall is meant […]

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Past Hooks

Did you ever felt like this?! Did You ever felt like you wanna cry aloud like you’re mourning for a lost soul. Did you ever felt like your heart is somehow heavy and feeling like there’s something more than just heart inside. Did you ever felt somehow hard or strange to face yourself in mirror?! […]

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Self worth

Have a great day ahead friend! Apart from the way we live our lives..apart from the things we possess..apart from our talents..apart from how we present ourselves to others… apart from everything.. Each and everyone have their own value..self worth.. right??… Your worth can’t be judged just because you have branded products…or you look like […]

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Masked enemies

I don’t wanna make you understand my victory over you with whole lot of huge phrase with lot of offensive words.I think when day comes you’ll praise me even without your knowledge that “I’m awesome!”. Just because you don’t wanna admit my victory doesn’t mean that I’m a loser! Better you mind yours! Cause I […]

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We all make mistakes Sometimes… but it makes us and create us to become better and to attain the best of us! Only the experienced one can explain consequences…so never look down on the advice of sinner it’s not his evilness speaking it’s just an angel inside that evil ( we say so ) warning […]

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Hello guys it’s actually good be a self confident and self assertive person! but sometimes it’s good to know our own limits than ending up with huge loss! yeah… you can go beyond limits but always keep an eye on your own power so that you can find your weakness before your enemy does! we […]

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