Tossing in between

Mountains aren’t trustable isn’t that so?! Letting the water flow rather than holding it… Samely Egg shells too not trustworthy instead of protecting the yolk inside, breaking itself and letting the chicken out…

Oops! sounds crazy right? Sometimes falling is beauty. Breaking will be majestic dear. Not every fall is meant for bad end and not every breaks will take life apart. Yes. Not every breaking is leading us to further worse. Here you go!

After reading a blog post, I was thinking about childhood days. Generally children and their experiences. Especially about interpersonal relationships. We might’ve seen people who unknowingly hurted us. We might’ve faced people using abusive words towards us. We might’ve handled situations where people walk away like nothing happened even after knowing that they hurted us badly. Yes. We must’ve faced. None can deny this except some people. I won’t say they’re blessed.

Cause when you cry for being hurted you’ll know the pain of getting hurts. You’ll be bleeding inside. You can fake a smile outside. But you can’t deceive your inner child. Yes. Its hurted. Its hurted badly. And some souls are learning out of getting hurts. And some aren’t. Nothing to blame the latter cause they’re hurted.

But I’m speaking to you dear, be proud of your scars. People who never get hurted never lived their life. If they’ve tried anything,they must’ve gone through a situation like this.

As the same when you speak thousand words you can’t assure all thousand words is desirable or acceptable to the person in the other corner. We all make mistakes. We’re adding guilts and hurts.

However we LIVED in both hurts and guilts. Yes! we lived. We made it. We’re leveled up dear! Try not to make excuses by saying brought up or surrounding. REACTIONS ARE LEARNED NOT ACTIONS THO! THINK AGAIN. REACTIONS ARE LEARNT BUT ACTIONS NEVER! In every encounter either in easy or in toughest one, still you’ll have options for how you gonna ACT!

If it feels hurted you’re a teacher to the soul asking for forgiveness. First, Let them know that you’re hurted. And if they seek for forgiveness be generous enough to grant them with forgiveness. This day you may be a teacher but another day you can become a learner too. Its okay to feel this. And if it feels guilty, ask for forgiveness. Its okay you’re learning. Be proud of you in this learning process. You’ll become better. You never knew this before. No one taught you this. Everyone is learning only through experience. Everyone of us is tossing in between many circumstances among many people. Yes. To become better is not only your cry. You’re one among billions who’re striving for best version. No one gonna love your old version when you become something better than before. Even you. So its okay. Never let your scars go vain. Make use of it. Scars can teach you dear. Listening to someone’s experience can teach you but it can’t make yourself a teacher.

Finally, life is simple to invest happiness. But life is majestic too. It won’t tell you ‘how’. You have to find out. It’ll make you wonder why, but you know what?! you’re provided with answers within you. Life is not a battle dear. Life is a war. Once you lost your life in this process of learning your story will end. But you can create a mark! Everything will be buried with you, your words, your thoughts, your novel ideas, just everything only IF YOUR LIFE NEVER IMPACTED ANYONE!

I don’t know what you think about death but for me that’s much more important than birth. You may think it’s not a big deal. It’s Just An End. Nope. Never. I can link it with every aspect of my life. Freedom from pain and suffering. The only way to find out the truly loving souls. Only moment which turns everything upside down. The moment of taking your last breathe. Which can’t be turned back, Which can’t be predicted, Which can’t be resisted, Which can’t be postponed, Which can’t be dealt, Which can’t be welcomed either, Which won’t give us grace time. But exists and totally true!

Even after knowing this taking this life for granted is the greatest mistake anyone can do! So you decide what is hurt and what is guilt to your soul. Take lead in your life. Never let this life play with you. Life is there for every single creature being born in this world. Its (life is) stable. We’re pedestrians. If you wanna be a unique challenge this life. Let’s live. Life will salute you soon!

Take care!

Will see you!

Blog post mentioned earlier was written by Published authoress Bhavini Vijayanadhan.

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Not so Important but necessary!

Pardon, you hurted me a lot… You never face me again!

WOAH! best dialogue I ever heard!

Which made me laugh at me or at the other for sometime.

We do say, I do say… Maybe you do say…

Well, let’s take this!

Few days I’m just thinking about this a lot. Getting hurted is that painful?! BIG YES

Am I the only who’s getting hurt always?! Uhh NO…

So I asked myself many questions which can place my mind in a helpless situation with no answers.. so that I can justify my point that I’m the victim always. But finally I ended up with a question from my heart which I just can’t answer like I usually do to my mind…

Can you swear in front of everyone you’ve ever met from the day you’re born till this very moment that you never ever hurted anyone anyhow?!

Like I said earlier I just can’t answer that question easily! Cause I can’t swear! I know!

Later I decided Sometimes its better to point out our innerself before pointing the other.. you can do all things if you’re totally perfect.. but I think we can understand perfection is impossible if we have conscious conscience! Cause no one is perfect in this world! None can be perfect! So understand yourself make yourself fall in love with your soul! Before blaming another just understand who you’re and how you’re! Go ahead! Forgive them!

It doesn’t mean that you’re letting yourself taken for granted! I define it as generosity! Being genuine! The one who Knows the meaning of life! And the one who knows the value of death!

And let me conclude with a thought,

Grudge can change the situation not the person but forgiveness should change the person may not the situation!

Let them or make them sense what they’re doing is not fair!

Keep this is your mind!

Mistakes are fine!

You can learn from them!

But that’s not the excuses for living and dying in the same mistakes!

See you soon!

Take care!


Past Hooks

Did you ever felt like this?! Did You ever felt like you wanna cry aloud like you’re mourning for a lost soul. Did you ever felt like your heart is somehow heavy and feeling like there’s something more than just heart inside. Did you ever felt somehow hard or strange to face yourself in mirror?! I do. Don’t know why. No reason. But it’s just hard to bear. I question myself what happened to you?! But even my heart is not answering to me! There’s dead silence. Even taking a deep breath seems a great challenge. What the hell happened to me. And in this hell time your Friends bugs you to get answers from you somehow but can’t help you and scolding you to get out of this. But instead of getting out from that horrible situation, becoming more worse than before… Did you ever felt like that?!!




Usually, We do feel like that right?! When I started thinking for reasons I ended up with a hint that it may because of past.

I just keep on thinking about past and past’s impact in our present and future Life.

Is that really easy to let go our past?! Is that good to let go our past?! Is that necessary to let go our past?!

I meant bitter experiences of past.

In fact, whatever happened, happened. It can’t be changed. None can change that. Even the richest of riches can’t bring back the moment they lived a little while ago. For a effective future we have to let go our impactful past. We have to make sure that I won’t be a slave to my past. Always keep this is in mind, dear ex I can’t love you again! I have no time to hate you! Just mind yours. I won’t bother. It has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t even matter to me. I don’t wanna waste this very moment by thinking about what’s lost! And as well I don’t want to regret in future for loosing these moments too thinking about you! ( Past )

Sometimes it’s not we who decide to let go or not, but it’s that situation or issue’s intensity which locks us. But truly speaking we have no other option but to let go the past when future beckons us! Cause we got only one chance to live in this world. There’s no other incarnations! This time you read, you feel, you think, you smile that can’t be rewinded ever again! Never again!

So just make use of this very moment! Cause once you lost it, you lost it forever!

I kindly wish everyone to keep this in mind and carry on your daily life.

Thank you!

See you soon!


Self worth

Have a great day ahead friend!

Apart from the way we live our lives..apart from the things we possess..apart from our talents..apart from how we present ourselves to others… apart from everything.. Each and everyone have their own value..self worth.. right??… Your worth can’t be judged just because you have branded products…or you look like an angel… Irrespective of how you look..what you have..or how you act.. there’s something within you which makes you look unique not related to outside shallow things but which is deeply related to your soul…yes! You’re unique.. you’re precious.. you’re you…none can’t live like you…no one ever lived like you…and no one gonna live like you ever again! So make use of this opportunity! Never lose hope… Never let go your dignity… never ever give up… Let’s hit till the very end to prove our existence!

See you soon!


With concern,

Hannah Joseph

Masked enemies

I don’t wanna make you understand my victory over you with whole lot of huge phrase with lot of offensive words.I think when day comes you’ll praise me even without your knowledge that “I’m awesome!”. Just because you don’t wanna admit my victory doesn’t mean that I’m a loser! Better you mind yours! Cause I won’t bark I’ll end up with your flesh!

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We all make mistakes Sometimes… but it makes us and create us to become better and to attain the best of us! Only the experienced one can explain consequences…so never look down on the advice of sinner it’s not his evilness speaking it’s just an angel inside that evil ( we say so ) warning us for our goodness! It’s a sign of repentance! Have a great day ahead friends…


Hello guys it’s actually good be a self confident and self assertive person!
but sometimes it’s good to know our own limits than ending up with huge loss! yeah… you can go beyond limits but always keep an eye on your own power so that you can find your weakness before your enemy does! we can grow from wherever we never limit yourself..but never be an ignorant of your own limits!
Have a great day ahead friends!